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The Perfect Look for Blue Eyes

Sometimes all it takes is looking into a person’s eyes to get a certain feeling… Do I find this person likeable, appealing or especially interesting? Eye colour plays an essential role. It affects how we view others and whether we trust them. Or whether we have confidence in them. People with blue eyes for example are considered especially passionate, polite and honest. Attractiveness is another attribute of blue-eyed people. Yet blue eyes are also taken less seriously in many cases and frequently underestimated in business matters. This makes purposely shaping the overall impression and look with the right styling all the more important. As proof that you are anything but naive about life.

Blue eyes: What colour glasses?
The light blue of the iris can easily make the gaze appear cool and distanced. So when it comes to choosing glasses, don’t hesitate to go for bold, bright colours among the eyeglass models. Contrast is important: Orange works best as a complementary colour, making the blue of the eyes radiate especially well. A gaudy jade hue is another perfect ally for blue eyes, providing optimum support for the endearing eye colour. Apricot, rose and beige hues are a bit more discreet and suitable for everyday wear. They too make the most of blue eyes and are very well suited for the current nude trend.
Glasses that are ‘hue-in-hue’ with the eye colour are not recommended. Since matching the hue exactly is never possible, the colours directly next to each other appear conflicting and distracting

Blue eyes: The styling question
The right makeup can do wonders. To do: Eye shadow and other makeup should be optimised for the eye colour. Unlike the selection of glasses, soft natural hues should be the focus here rather than gaudy colours. Beauty rule: The lighter the eyes, the more discreet the makeup will appear. Gold, copper and beige hues appear especially harmonious. Add black or grey mascara, and that is all the blue eyes look needs.

Men can accentuate their blue eye colour with the right accessories. For example, they can play with the tie colour depending on the occasion. Orange, brown and navy blue bring out the blue of the eyes especially well. Accents with shades of gold (for example on watches and cuff links) perfect the blue man style!

Blue eyes: Good to know
After green, blue is the rarest eye colour and is considered the absolute ideal of beauty in many countries.

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