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Eyewear Advisory: Frameless Glasses

When we encounter someone, their eyes are usually the first thing we look at. We only need a fraction of a second to make judgements about likeability, attractiveness and attraction. Even the smallest accessory can affect the moment and define our first impression – including glasses! Since they are worn directly over the eyes, they can influence our perception. Positively or negatively. Frameless glasses in the minimal look for example are discreet, hardly distracting and instead put the focus on the face. They leave our facial features virtually undistorted. Another advantage: frameless glasses are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear! People wearing a frameless model are also said to appear smarter and more trusting.

Who looks good with frameless glasses?

Oval, round, angular or heart shaped – what facial shapes do frameless glasses suit best? The good news: generally all of them. Thanks to the unobtrusive design, frameless glasses adapt to the contours. You cannot go wrong with a round nor an angular face. Unlike dominant glasses. Thick frames for example can oppress a narrow face. This is not going to happen with a frameless model: it does not draw any additional lines on the face.

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