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  • Face of Silhouette: Eracle Dartizio
  • Artist Eracle Dartizio wearing Silhouette sunglasses
  • The Milanese artist with frameless Silhouette glasses
  • At work: Artist Eracle Dartizio
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Face of Silhouette: Eracle Dartizio

  • Myopic or Hyperopic?


  • Why Silhouette?

Because Silhouette eyewear is distinct, yet unobtrusive. They are more of a discreet fashion statement than glasses to correct poor eyesight.

  • Without glasses, I …

… feel like I’m in a fog, disoriented and far removed from the world that surrounds me.

  • I prefer to see…

I love to go out and watch a good movie, see a great play or admire great art at exhibitions around the world.

  • Who or what I don`t want to see…

Generally speaking, I would rather not see any boundaries at all, or at least ‘better and fairer boundaries.’

  • Instagram and Facebook accounts I like to follow:

I follow Italian and international museum and art gallery accounts.

  • My glasses are …

They allow me to focus in a precise and discrete way.

  • Things I like …

I like wearing a long black winter coat or being at the seaside when the sea is calm.

  • Rimless or Fullrim?


  • Why?

Because I like the minimalist design and the clean, almost imperceptible, lines.  Less is more!

  • What do you like to see in your city?

I love it when tourists are excited and passionate about my city and when they take a really close look at its culture and all it has to offer.

  • What role does your profession play in your life?

It’s not possible for me to separate my work from my breath, from my life. I’m life and art is my life. So, I live a life of constantly translating everything I experience into art, a sort of sweet personal sentence.

  • My favourite eyewear trend…

… is rimless, possibly white or black, with curved and smooth shapes.

  • What makes you unique?

Everything you’ve experienced throughout your life makes you unique. But, we are also ‘organic bags’ more or less identical. So, in the end, it’s my choices and my experiences that make me unique.

  • My Silhouette is unique, because…

… of its design, which is the result of the vivid diallogue of my senses, taking into account the unique features of my face, and the valuable advice and input of the Silhouette Style Consultant.

  • Your favourite artists or works

It is hard to choose just a few artists or works of art from among the giants of contemporary art or of other artistic periods and movements. But among them would definitely be ‘Rovesciare i propri occhi’ (Turning One’s Eyes Inside Out) by the Italian artist Giuseppe Penone, a representative of the Arte Povera art style.

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