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Eyewear Trends 2017

Which runway inspired design will be next? We’ll tell you how to refresh your eyewear style each month to match your modern lifestyle. Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion and eyewear trends for 2017 right here.

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This season a menswear’s classic will be popular again: checks. They range from subtle squares (known as Glencheck) to bold Windowpanes. Especially the latter do have a very modern and fresh appeal. But at the same time they go perfectly along with business fashion as they don’t look too playful. Suited for both day and night the new checks often come in black and white, sometimes mixed with optical illusions or prints. Best styling partner: The Illusion Nylor with its discreet square pattern! It sets a trendy accent to monochrome outfits or completes allover-check looks in a cool yet tasteful way.

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