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Atelier of Lightness + Out of Mido, Milan

Silhouette participates in Out of Mido, a design event for eyewear, which will take place for the first time at the Furniture Week in Milan. Silhouette will use this opportunity to acquaint visitors with the Faces of Litestyle, so they can experience the style and enchantment of the photos that have immortalised them in the lightness of everyday life. Furthermore, every visitor can discover his very own personal Art of Lightness and join the gallery of real icons.

This year, a select few of Silhouette’s Faces of Litestyle, personalities with the greatest authenticity, speak for themselves: Patrick Dempsey, not only an extremely gifted actor, but also an icon of social commitment; Benedetta Barzini, 1960’s model and today a journalist and style consultant; Bruno Barbieri, an Italian gourmet chef.

All three have the following in common: lightness and the wish to stand above quickly-changing fashions by developing a style that is a lasting impression in itself. And this is the job of TITAN MINIMAL ART – THE ICON, the rimless eyewear from Silhouette that makes it possible to experience modern, avant-garde liteness.

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