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Make-Up Guru Diego Dalla Palma

Diego Dalla Palma began his career as a set designer in theatre before moving into cinema as a make-up artist. Since then his career has blossomed. He is now the creator of several  television formats based on his role as a make-up guru, manages a range of cosmetics lines and is an in-demand beauty guide writer described by the Wall Street Journal as “the Italian make-up prophet”.

In fact this is a label that has never sat easily with Dalla Palma who prefers to maintain a low key public profile. “Overestimating your talent and being too conceited can make you really poor in quality,” he says. “The best approach to remain a genuinely talented person is to keep your talent apart from your own vanity as much as possible.”

For Dalla Palma, giving people professional style advice involves equipping them with personal  strategies to better express their personalities and improve their self-confident. The key tactic is figuring out how best to frame the face. “Jewels and glasses, for example, are the most expressive accessories you can wear. They can say a lot about who you are,” he says. “For both, you should avoid excess and only wear what really suits your personality. You can face up everything in your life with lightness if you have a strong self-awareness.”

Dalla Palma’s glasses, designed exclusively with Silhouette, are a perfect example of his philosophy of understatement and elegance. “My glasses are minimal and stylish, but they are also unique thanks to the aqua green tint of the lenses. They are my vision passe-partout, always graceful and never obstructive.”

Diego Dalla Palma wears the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon, lenses tinted in light green – He has been a Face of LiteStyle since May 2013

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