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Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013

The high quality design of TITAN MINIMAL ART – THE ICON has been granted the “red dot award: product design 2013” by an international panel of experts. TITAN MINIMAL ART has now won the world’s most coveted award for quality three times and is the recipient of seven prizes overall.

TITAN MINIMAL ART – THE ICON was announced as the winner, having been selected from a huge number of entrants. No rims, no hinges, no screws and almost no weight – just 2.5 grams – yet the utmost comfort, perfect design and unrestricted vision: that describes Silhouette’s vision. It was first embodied in the TITAN MINIMAL ART in 1999, marking the start of a success story that endures to this day and continues to enjoy huge acceptance in the market. No other rimless eyewear in the world can claim to have achieved this status of modern classic.

THE ICON is the latest development in the TITAN MINIMAL ART series. “The elongated tips, made up of two components, improve the hold and convey a softer, higher-quality tone.” explains Silhouette designer Gerhard Fuchs, talking about the innovative development of the TITAN MINIMAL ART – THE ICON. He continues, “The titanium temple is weight-optimized with the shape following the functional, flexible temple zone. The rimless concept of THE ICON allows wearers to choose their personal lens shape for a customized look, emphasizing the importance of even the tiniest detail”.


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