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Poet and Author Franzobel

One of Austria’s most celebrated poets and authors, Stefan Griebl is better known by his pen name Franzobel. The winner of multiple literary awards, including the Ingeborg Bachmann prize, the Bert-Brecht-Medaille and the Arthur Schnitzler prize, Franzobel is a writer of rare nuance, lightness and wit.

“When writing I try to get into a flow and not get cramped up,” he says. “A good rule of thumb, perhaps, would be not to take yourself too seriously.” This dictum extends as far as Franzobel’s choice of eyewear. His wife, the actress Maxi Blaha, was there to help when he sat down to decide his Silhouette frames.

“My wife picked out my Silhouette eyewear because she is the one who always see me with glasses on,” says Franzobel. “And she also happens to have significantly better taste than I have.” To recharge his battery, Franzobel allows for regular “Lite Moments” in his daily routine. “I pay great attention to my inner clock, to my rhythm – everything goes more smoothly then. I try to do everything with as much pleasure as possible and not be subjected to any constraints.” All the more reason why he’s so aptly suited to be a Face of LiteStyle with Silhouette.

Franzobel wears the rimless model Modern Shades – He has been a Face of LiteStyle since May 2013

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