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Contemporary Artist Loredana Galante

“While performing I never put a mask on, I get naked instead. I tend to show my thousands facets, like a picture that condenses my whole story.” Here’s Loredana Galante, contemporary artist and performer. She seems a 19th century character catapulted all of a sudden in present time.

A considerable part of Loredana’s art performances is made of socialization and interaction rituals with and between spectators. “I perform anything I breathe. As soon as I experience something new, I feel the need to translate it into an art performance. That’s how I get light, I free myself through art.”

Loredana’s art process does not end in itself but it gives life to a temporary work that gets in touch with who observes and participates to her performance, extending the narration of the work itself. Sometimes the performance may include a game and a little irony, but notice that it’s not a trick addressed to her public, but a tool to create art. “I use the game like an instrument, though I never play. It is all so serious to me. There’s nothing heavier than people who take important things easy. I mean people that never take anything seriously. My works are democratic, they can be read and decoded at different levels. Each observer may find a piece of its own soul in it, as reflected in a mirror.”

“I like the fact that my job can be so versatile without getting in contrast with who I am.”

To Loredana Galante versatility does not stand for the ability to adapt yourself, but for that to interpret and use different contexts with coherence, giving harmony to new experiences and memories from the past ones. “I pay so much attention to what other people get of my identity. Which is nothing but the lightness of showing how you deal with the fear of being judged.”

While customizing her pair of Silhouettes Loredana chose versatility to interpret her sense of lightness. “View that I don’t actually have a big sight issue, people may think that I wear glasses just like an accessory. To be honest, my custom made pair of Silhouettes, It’s a fusion between eyeglasses and sunglasses, one of a kind not only for its versatility, but also because it was studied on me and it expresses my deepest identity, not the idea that other people have of me.”

In the perpetual seek for new situations to experience, when she got to know Silhouette’s project Faces of LiteStyle, Loredana said: “This is a great source of inspiration for me, I constantly feed myself with new experiences. On the one side I have the path I chose, based on coherence. On the other I have versatility: the possibility to enrich my personal skills, feel free and go a step further. That’s what this project means to me.”

Loredana Galante wears the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon, lenses tinted in violet and crystals – She has been a Face of LiteStyle since May 2013


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