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Fashion Curator Gemma Williams

“I pay a lot of attention to material and find it satisfying when light, comfortable fabrics are utilised.”

The smell of fresh flowers lingers in the air as we meet up with fashion curator Gemma Williams in Hackney, London. This comes as no surprise, given that this happening district is renowned for its flower market, held here on Sundays.

Williams finds inspiration for her work in Hackney, where she lives amongst many other creative minds. At lunch, she tells us of her preparations for her current exhibition, ‘Second Nature’, in the PM Gallery House in Walpole Park. Gemma Williams, who has chosen the extraordinary career of fashion curator, sees fashion as a form of art. Her current exhibition displays a smooth blend of items by renowned fashion designers such as Donna Karan and Laura Ashley, alongside works from artists like sculptor, Yasemin Hussein and illustrator, Philip Smiley. She showcases these using video installations, soundtracks and even greenhouses.

Gemma Williams wears the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon – She has been a Face of LiteStyle since December 2012

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