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Star Photographer Markus Nass

“Absolute freedom of movement, combined with my personal touch – a little bit of rock ’n’ roll – that’s what my Silhouette means to me.”

Markus Nass’ speciality is celebrities. We met the star photographer in his Berlin studio, which was our starting point for a journey through the German capital, our destinations being his favourite photo locations.

On the rooftop of an empty ice-cream factory, with a view across the city and its landmark, Alexander Platz, in the background, Nass told us about his work with international stars. For example, his photo shoot with the Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, or his meeting with US-star, Will Smith, or the impromptu photo session with Chinese actress, Bai Ling, at the International Film Festival, Berlinale. At the moment Markus Nass is on call for the group Depeche Mode, as backstage photographer on their European tour. When he isn’t photographing celebrities, he has started plucking the strings of his own guitar as a recent addition to a Berlin band.

Markus Nass wears the rimless model Titan Impressions – He has been a Face of LiteStyle since October 2012

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