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Executive Chef Laurent André

The executive Chef of a Parisian palace discovered his passion for cooking young,  beginning his career as a third commis chef in charge of flat-leaf parsley, and then working his way up through the ranks to become chef assistant at the prestigious Parisian restaurant  La Grande Cascade before becoming chef at Le Relais du Parc in Paris.

After spending several years abroad in London and in Hong-Kong he returned to France, drawn back by a love of the land and the high quality of its produce. In his restaurants, André offers a personalized and participatory approach to cooking. His aim is to make the best of French gastronomy available to everyone.

Constantly on the go, André has a demanding lifestyle and looks for products and services that match his high paced work schedule. He’s found a natural affinity with Silhouette eyewear.

Both the eyewear brand and the man often called “Le Chef”, believe in high performance and personalised service. “Since I’ve discovered Silhouette, wearing eyewear does not weigh down on me. ” High praise for a man of such high standards.

Laurent André wears the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon – He has been a Face of LiteStyle since July 2013

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