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Felder Felder for Silhouette

Felder Felder, the glamorous German twins behind the fashion label of the same name who are taking the fashion world by storm right now, are collaborating with Silhouette on a bespoke selection of glasses created especially to feature in their London show. They will also design a limited-edition lens cloth for 2014.

The glasses will be revealed during London Fashion Week in February 2014 – the twins always show in London and occasionally in Berlin – and the rumour is the textures and colours of their Autumn/Winter collection will evoke warmth and protection. The unique lens shape they have created will appear in several different colours to complement the timeless catwalk creations that we have come to expect from Felder Felder signature pieces, although expect the odd contrasting effect as well.

Daniela Felder spent a day with Silhouette in Linz, working with designers Roland Keplinger and Karin Kitzberger to develop the glasses. They were inspired by Audrey Hepburn but feature a thoroughly modern twist. One to watch out for…


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