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  • Akris & Silhouette at Paris Fashion Week
  • The new Silhouette aviators are light, clean, effortless and sporty.
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Akris meets Silhouette

Guest Edit by Jeroen van Rooijen, Swiss Style, Fashion and Zeitgeist Expert

The Swiss fashion house Akris presented its latest collection for the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 season on Sunday, 2 March, in Paris. Also appearing on the runway in the Grand Palais were 25 rimless Aviator eyewear models by Silhouette.

Sensuous, exquisite  material, large-format prints and decidedly elegant: Akris has found its fashion formula after ten years in Paris. The brand is esteemed worldwide for its outstanding take on fabric and cut. For several seasons now, digital photographic prints have been part of the scene, which designer Albert Kriemler often uses in large format. For the most part, they depict architectural motifs which are a never-ending source of inspiration for the fashion designer from St. Gallen. This season, however, Kriemler let his eye roam further: his silhouettes showed shots from outer space, which German artist Thomas Ruff uses in his works. Albert Kriemler chose four motifs from Thomas Ruff’s work to make fabric prints: two shots from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, a photo of the rocky surface of the planet Mars and a black star-spangled sky. For the textile version of the latter, Albert Kriemler had embroidery specialist Forster Rohner of St. Gallen embroider LED lights in the fabric.

Also to be seen on the runway were 25 pairs of rimless eyewear by Silhouette in an aviator look. All the models strided down the catwalk wearing the fine accessories of strong character, drawing a lot of attention and discussion. Unlike sunglasses, prescription eyewear is seldom seen on the runway. “I wanted to emphasize the look and styling of the space statement,” said Albert Kriemler following the show on Sunday evening in Paris’s Grand Palais. “I was looking for a type of space helmet or at least the visor of one,” said the design about his inspiration. Kriemler found the solution in Silhouette’s rimless aviator style. The eyewear lent the models a severe, futuristic note, emphasizing the modern, focused statement of the Akris collection for Fall/Winter 14-15. The fact that the eye-catching spectacles were a dominating, controversial topic of conversation after the show is something Albert Kriemler was in favor of: “Is this the way it has got to be? You either like it – or you don’t. There is nothing in between,” said the designer, laughing.

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