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Birthday Greetings from Hannah Teare

50 years of excellence – celebrating our 50th anniversary with a series of birthday greetings from our friends & partners

Fashion stylist Hannah Teare wishes us a happy anniversary. The former fashion director of Tatler UK has travelled the globe working for American Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vivienne Westwood, L.K. Bennett and many more. Teare worked with us on an exciting competition where four people could win a “LiteStyle Makeover” in London. Watch the space for further news.

Since coming back to London from my fab trip to Linz to personalise a pair of Silhouette opticals, I have noticed there is a underground movement when it comes to Silhouette glasses. Literally underground. I have noticed so many fans of Silhouette particularly on the metro whilst whizzing through the tunnels and platforms of London town. Fellow Silhouette fans share the secret looks of people who are members of a secret club. They recognise each other, smile knowingly and quietly congratulate themselves on discovering the glasses that they can wear that enhance their faces rather then hide them. Who knows where these journeys might lead.” – Hannah Teare

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