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Delicate yet durable

Opposites attract. A Silhouette has it all: lightness, flexibility and strength. Meeting such high standards is something only the unique SPX+ material can do. 6 things you will want to know facts about SPX+:

1 Future
In the 1980s, the search began for a highly innovative production technology that would open up new design possibilities. Silhouette selected a novel injection-moulding process and highly complex thermoplastics called polyamide plastics. Together with the suppliers, Silhouette continued to develop these polyamides. The result was an innovative, lightweight, flexible and high-strength material: SPX+.

2 Abbreviations
No one likes them, so let’s decipher SPX+. S stands for Silhouette, P for polyamide and X for design-related choice of materials.

3 Better than acetate
SPX+ is twice as strong and twice as flexible as acetate and its specific weight is just 1 g/cmÑ (acetate: 1.4 g/cmÑ). SPX+ is formed using injection moulding, whereas acetate involves the conventional milling process. With two-component
molding, certain types of SPX+ in various grades of hardness are bonded together. SPX+ can be optimally adjusted so that every part of the glasses has the required strength and flexibility.

4 Colours
SPX+ is as transparent as glass. But very fine pigment powder, measured precisely down to a thousandth of a gram, can transform the transparent material into virtually any shade of colour, ranging from subtle hues to strong, bright colours. Finishing the surface with printing, applications or metallic coating – just about anything is possible.

5 Numbers
Around 5,000 kilos of raw material are processed every year. Up to eight different SPX+ compositions may be contained in the glasses. It takes around 80 hours to polish the various components – first in a special tumbler and then by hand. Silhouette has 50 years of experience in manufacturing eyewear, where high-tech and skilled craftsmanship come together.

6 Health
SPX+ is free of plasticisers. Glasses made of SPX+ are hypoallergenic. With our glasses, contact allergies are no longer a problem.

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