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The Future has a certain Silhouette

Guest Editor: Fashion Blogger Lucia del Pasqua from The Fashion Politan

I don’t think the future will be something “futuristic”. I agree with most film directors, writers and animators who describe it as being something not very different from today. I think they are right. The future will be full of “human computers” (much like in the film Her). There will be geometrical dresses, houses made of the lightest materials and characterized by minimal design – Baroque and Rococo will retire. The future is all about lightness. Smartphones will be ultra-thin, televisions as slim as paper and interactive (like in the film Fahrenheit 451), airplanes will disappear because we will be teleported and we won’t have to reissue our lost credit cards because we’ll be paying via vocal identification. But who knows – maybe I’ve watched too many films and cartoons…

So, this will be the “silhouette” of the future. And the sunglasses Futura by Silhouette, perfectly embody my idea of it. They are very light and elastic and they have a slim yellow line covering the mask like a technological mono eye lash.

Futura are the sunglasses of the future celebrating the past, marking 50 years of Silhouette. They are a style that, even if it takes you to the future, makes you live in the spirit of today.


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