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German Singer Peter Maffay

Peter Maffay truly is multi-talented – a singer, composer, actor, guitarist and music producer with 16 number one hit albums to his name, he is one of the most successful artists in the German charts. But there is another side to this rock and pop musician. He campaigns for children through his own foundation and is involved in many other charitable projects, as well as being committed to opposing racism and encouraging greater tolerance.

Peter Maffay’s private life is multi-faceted. He lives in Majorca with his wife and 10-year-old son, but also spends a lot of time in Germany. Because the balance has got to be right, life has got to be fun. His family makes him very happy, but so does his job, which enables him to express himself. We went to his studio in Tutzing near Munich for the photo shoot. This gave us the opportunity to photograph Peter Maffay in his environment. While the pictures were being taken, he revealed to us why he wears Silhouette. “I want my glasses to fit in with what I’m doing. But the look of the glasses is also critical – aesthetic appeal is important to me. Silhouette glasses are beautifully made, comfortable to wear, light in weight and they look great.”

Peter Maffay has been a Face of Litestyle since the start of 2013. He wears his Titan Minimal Art – The Icon model 7577,  in 6058 Black-Red Passion primarily for reading and driving.

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