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  • Silhouette celebrates its 50s Anniversary at Milan Design Week
  • Silhouette AvantLiteStyle Event Programme
  • Silhouettes of the time
  • Swedish Design in La Pelota
  • Baccarat presentation „250 Years of Modernity“
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Two Hours in Milan.

Where to go if you have two hours in Milan during Salone del Mobile? Just collect some impressions, let design speak and realise that LiteStyle is nearly everywhere.

Why is time always limited and possibilities nearly unlimited??


Till April 13 Silhouette will be showcasing 50 years of visionary innovation in Via Voghera 14 from 2 pm -10 pm. Avant-Litestyle, a neologism  representing how lightness and futuristic design is incorporated  in our lifestyle of the present, is the theme of the 1 week events including a wide range of artistic expressions through photography, sculpture, food design and more.

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