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Birthday Greetings from Massimo Iosa Ghini

50 years of excellence – celebrating our 50th anniversary with a series of birthday greetings from our friends & partners

‘“What sticks in my mind the most about Silhouette is Arnold Schmied Jnr. who came across as a leader and a man able to take necessary decisions.

As a creative designer I was regularly confronted with companies that some of whom openly demonstrated their objections, doubts, wariness, and out-right ‘we cannot do it’ attitude towards some of the more unconventional projects I had proposed. I was therefore always a little careful when proposing something a little ‘different’. I remember the start of our cooperation, and Arnold and his brother observing one of my designs and contemplating how it would at all bepossible to realize such a project. We sat opposite from each other and then Arnold looked me straight in the eye and said “Let us do it” as though the realization of this project would be the easiest task in the world. That was the start of the beginning of many exciting projects together and the adoption of the attitude ‘Anything is possible if it’s worthwhile!’

Designer Massimo Iosa Ghini

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