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Faces of Litestyle: Nicole Josy

Nicole Josy (68, born as Van Palm) is a Belgian singer and part of Nicole & Hugo, a famous singing duo, and partners in real life too.  They’ve met in 1970 and haven’t been apart since.

In the 1970s they were known for their flamboyant personal style; bright colors, elephant pants and big hair.  They were real style icons. The duo is still immensely popular in Belgium and have traveled the world on cruise ships with their own show since the 1980. They have been to the Eurovision song contest, made many albums, featured in movies and series, hosted TV shows and won numerous awards.

Nicole & Hugo are inseparable, you’ll never see the one without the other.  They never seem to age and are always positive and full of life.

Nicole has been a Face of LiteStyle since January 2014

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