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Interior Designer Jane Stroink

Jane Stroink, interior designer from Amsterdam, finds her perfect lens shape with Titan Minimal Art.

Jane Stroink is the creative director and founder of Tarzan Projects, a company based in the Netherlands that specialises in interior design. Before launching the company, Jane was an art director working in film, television and commercials. She was the creative force behind the Dutch television series, Baatjer, Luifel & Luifel and Expedition Robinson. She’s also worked for Cirque du Soleil, on American movies and commercials for clients including Vodafone and Albert Heijn.

But styling sets that would be eventually dismantled proved to be increasingly unfulfilling for Jane. She wanted to create well designed spaces that were permanent and began styling business premises instead. Her background in film taught her much about interior design. “Then I was looking for the story behind the film and now I’m searching for the story behind the offices,” she explains.

Creating a beautiful environment is second nature to Jane and unsurprisingly, her creativity spills over into her own personal style too. “I am an interior designer and my personal style is also creative, it has to be unique. My glasses are very important. When I’m designing at my studio I often wear my eyewear and they have to be comfortable and very lightweight. I think they have to be thin as I don’t want to cover my eyes – people have to see the twinkling in them!”

Jane Stroink is wearing Titan Minimal Art – The Must Collection, model 7799 in color 6073

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