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Futura Cocktail

Futura Cocktail by Laura Schacht

When it comes to mixing drinks, Laura Schacht doesn’t pull any punches. In the big league as one of the eight best bartenders, the short drinks she fixes are nothing short of spectacular. As a wearer of Sillouette glasses herself, LiteStyle asked the creative mixologist to concoct a drink inspired by her favourite frames. She chose the iconic Futura to draw inspiration from. Below is the recipe for Schacht’s specially tailored ‘Futura’ cocktail: a mix as minimalist, interesting and light as the glasses they’re named after.


  •          1 oz. mango puree topped up with Crodino
  •          Lime cordial espuma

(For espuma, mix together Roses Lime Cordial and the white of an egg. Then whip the mixture in a whipped-cream siphon)

  •          Prepare your tumbler by filling it with ice cubes


Built in glass:

  • First, empty the ice from your chilled tumbler.
  • Next, pour the mango puree into the tumbler.
  • Add ice.
  • Then, carefully layer the espuma made in the whipped-cream siphon on top.
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