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Silhouettes of the Time: An Introduction


Created in 1964, Silhouette has seen more than its fair share of the world in their five decades of existence. The visor of choice the world over, it has helped see countless celebrities, artists and a diaspora of important people through their lives and have more stories than we can do justice to.

But stories worth telling must be told. In the series ‘Silhouettes of the Time’ we will be taking you decade by decade through Silhouette’s lifespan so far. We will show you how a company took a simple visual aid and expanded the level of perception, observation, penetration, recognition and focus through constant perfection of technology and design. Along the way, you will discover how Silhouette played a part in the ‘youthquake’ of the 60s and its participation in the growing subcultures of the 70s, 80s and 90s. With no plans to stop delivering anything less than excellence, this series will culminate with a glimpse into Silhouette’s role into the future.

Come along as we take you on Silhouette’s spectacular journey through the last half century.


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