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Silhouettes of the Time: The 1960s

The 60s: a new lifestyle, a new dimension of seeing.

A youthquake exploded onto the culture sphere in the ‘Swingin’ Sixties’ and Anneliese and Arnold Schiemd decided it was the perfect time to shake up the eyewear world in conjunction with all the changes in the worlds of art, fashion and societal attitudes.

How people interpreted eyewear and glasses was also part of this cultural shift. No longer were glasses considered a misfortunate visual aid that obstructed one’s face but rather as a playful mechanism that could actually enhance your look. Signature looks were all the rage during this time and British supermodel Twiggy epitomised the pin-up girl of the times: long legs, barely-there skirts in bold designs (think Mary Quant) and loud colours. What better to go with a bold outfit than an equally interesting accessory? In stepped Silhouette.

The first eyewear models left Linz in 1964 – for the eyewear world the design was completely unconventional – Silhouette were making a statement from day one.  Within two years, the glasses were worn by people throughout Europe and Canada.  It was clear: accessories completed any look and the brand’s philosophy came in like a lightning bolt calling people to pay attention to self presentation, which has remained true to this day.


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