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  • Ken Watanabe as Dr Ichiro Serizawa
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Titan vs. Monster

When it comes to Godzilla – a movie that traditionally has been about the cataclysmic effects of the hydrogen bomb, movie-makers and animators have always ensured that the audience can see the full impact of the diabolical weapon. This time, sixty years after the first Godzilla, they’ve gone one step further to make sure the scientists responsible for the unintended consequence of the bomb can see their creation in full focus. What better to do so than with the Silhouette Titan Dynamics that frame Ken Watanabe’s face throughout the movie as he plays Dr. Ishiro Serizawa? Watanabe is not one to wear frames lightly. Usually lens free, he has chosen to wear glasses to represent a better Serizawa from its previous incarnates, a Serizawa that recognizes the good in the monster as it represents the embodiment of humanity’s foolishness.

Nothing less than perfect will do. Silhouettes have been sent into space, and if they can handle that, they have no problem handling Godzilla.

Photography credit here. 

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