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  • Luc Delamain is wearing Silhouette eyewear
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Architect Luc Delamain

The Stade de France, the Grand Louvre, Gustave Flaubert Bridge in Rouen and more recently the Ministry of Ecology in Paris, Océane Stadium in Le Havre, University Hospital Center in Toulouse and the future Zoo of Maubeuge… What do all these iconic buildings have in common? They have been designed by the amazing SCAU agency.

Founded in 1971, SCAU (Société de Conception d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme) is one of France’s biggest architecture firms. They benefit from a global reputation with work stretching across Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. Their sharp analysis of the geographical and social circumstances of the locations they build in allows the firm to emphasise the beauty of the places they are working for and to adapt their designs to meet the needs of modern life.

Through the different projects and achievements of the agency, we can see a strong link with Silhouette, in the minimalism, the durability and the quality of their work. It is this minimalism which naturally seduced Luc Delamain when he tried Silhouette frames. Luc Delamain, architect and current Chairman of SCAU, perfectly represents the DNA of the firm, and therefore makes the perfect Face of Litestyle for Silhouette. Our work on shapes, the using of flexible, light and stable materials, which adapt to the wearer, matches Luc Delamain’s architectural vision.

Meeting his expectations in terms of comfort, design and lightness, Luc Delamain found in Silhouette his perfect frames. What does Silhouette represent to Luc? “Transparency, lightness, delicacy, fineness”.

Luc Delamain is wearing the rimless model Titan Minimal Art the Must collection and has been a Face of Litestyle since August 2013.

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