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  • Silhouette's iconic 70s Futura Sunglasses
  • Silhouette's first rimless sunglasses
  • Silhouette's iconic M83 glasses
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Silhouettes of the Time: The 1970s

The ’70s

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Thinking of the 1970s images of peace, love and understanding spring to mind. However, the youthquake of the 1960s really evolved during the 1970s. The decade saw a lot of powerful change with young people being the children of the revolution.

To match the new attitudes and questioning of authority, culture responded with an in-your-face punky attitude. What we now consider a “retro” aesthetic blossomed: vivid patterns, loud colours, flairs, sky-high platforms and multiculturalism (think David Bowie!). The fashion doyenne Diana Vreeland had helped cement “fashion as art” and clothes and accessories were now being positioned in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Eyewear had to match the new eccentric style. Silhouette was an essential to any accessory lover, with a spectrum of looks to match any taste. Elton John was a fan of the space-age Futura 570 and Silhouette Eyewear also responded to the life philosophy of “Think Pink” – which went on to be the debut album of the psychedelic musician Twink.

The ‘70s were a particular landmark for Silhouette as they introduced their first pair of rimless eyewear launched onto the market, which to this day is still being perfected. This eyewear still enjoys cult status today.


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