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Birthday Greetings from Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

50 years of excellence – celebrating our 50th anniversary with a series of birthday greetings from our friends & partners

“That vision from 1964 of a completely new type of eyewear still has an influence today – after 50 years – on the artistic work of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
Authenticity, innovation and design characterize Silhouette‘s unique eyewear that daily aids and accompanies some of the musicians in our orchestra. In the day-to-day life of the orchestra, the rehearsals, the tours and concerts some of the features that matter most to our spectacle-wearing members are the extraordinary light weight of the eyewear and the minimalistic design. Especially when it comes to the countless international televised broadcasts, we place great value on a perfect picture overall – acoustically as well as optically!

Tradition, sustainable quality, exclusivity – those are just some of the things that link the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with Silhouette. The members of our orchestra see themselves as part of an ongoing tradition dating back to 1842. There is hardly any other orchestra more closely or long-lastingly tied to the history and tradition of European music. In addition to living our tradition, sustainable quality also forms an important pillar and fundamental basis of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra congratulates Silhouette on the company’s 50th anniversary and looks forward to working in partnership with Silhouette in the future. Congratulations on your anniversary!”

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