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  • Ora-Ito's incredible Evolution Chair
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Minimalist Monday

Ora-Ito’s Evolution Chair

French designer Ora-Ito has produced this sophisticated, sleek chair. The form, whilst at first glance may appear simple, is in fact very purposeful in nature – just like the practical and fashionable eyewear designed by Silhoutte, securing the comfortable fit of Titan Profile.

Silhouette’s Titan Profile, as can be expected of Silhouette eyewear, is highly sophisticated technically. It is the byword in unrestricted vision, perfect ergonomics and optimum wearing comfort. The Titan Profile is the ideal companion for modern nomads of any age, and every so often, there’s nothing better than chilling out with friends and reclining in a chair as chic and sleek as the Evolution Chair, perfectly in harmony with Titan Profile glasses.


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