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  • A very stylish cloth to clean your glasses with: Silhouette’s limited edition lens-cloth designed by award winning fashion duo Felder Felder.
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TIPS FOR EYEWEAR | How to take care of your glasses

You look great wearing your glasses and they give you confidence. But they also need a little TLC.

Rinse the lenses under warm running water. If necessary, use a mild soap such as washing-up liquid. Never use regular household glass cleaner or solvent-based products.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently dry your glasses. We don’t recommend using wet wipes. For a quick clean on the go, we recommend using the microfibre cloth supplied with your glasses’ case.

Never place your lens down. When possible, it’s best to keep your glasses in their case when you’re not wearing them.

Do not try to bend your glasses on your own, have a professional adjust them instead.


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