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Silhouettes of the Time: The 1990s

The ’90s

Global Village

Dissolution and a certain teen spirit characterized the last decade of the millennium. Perhaps as a reaction to the garish in-your-face fashions of the previous decades, the 90s is heralded as the decade of grunge and minimalism. Icons of the times like Kurt Cobain, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss perfectly symbolized the aesthetic and pared-back ‘no fuss’ minimal look and feel. Furthermore, Prada had announced a call for “Prada Ugly” which blossomed from frumpy fabrics in muted colours.

Sartorial rule breaking was the norm- think high end fashion like a couture gown being worn with battered trainer sand a ripped jacket with cropped tops and tattoos displayed as a societal norm. It was a time for destruction of conventions that had come before, represented by a “global village mix” from the houses of Gaultier and Galliano.

Silhouette responded with edgy designs, wild animal prints and interesting lens shapes. They honed in on a sophisticated aesthetic, whilst fine-tuning their lightness and technical perfection.

In 1999, Silhouette’s first Titan Minimal Art eyewear hit the market – which was instantly considered a technological masterpiece bringing the calls to arms for feather-light comfort and technologically provoking new way of life for the new millenium.

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