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Birthday Greetings from StokkeAustad

50 years of excellence – celebrating our 50th anniversary with a series of birthday greetings from our friends & partners

“As an executive international industrial design agency we occasionally have the pleasure to travel and visit exciting and interesting manufacturer both domestically and internationally.We meet manufacturers who have a clear focus on their area of expertise and who are constantly evolving to provide the best possible quality and experience associated with their product. On these visits you get a deep insight into the unique process, technology and motivation that make up these producers. You also meet the people behind the scene and get an impression of the in-depth knowledge they possess.

As a design agency we always gravitate towards quality and cleverness in products and manufacture methods that push the industry forward. You see great design qualities in objects that have a very clear understanding of what they are and what purpose they serve. You can see when a product is well designed, as you get an immediate understanding of the rationale behind it. There is something about the instant recognition you feel, and the understanding of the work put into.

Silhouette holds all these qualities when producing their new series of eyewear, and it is evident in the products they offer. Last spring Stokke&Austad had the pleasure of traveling to Linz and visit Silhouette. We had a very exiting day at Silhouette and we hope that in the future we will return to Linz and continue the dialogue with the people at Silhouette.

We would like to use the opportunity to congratulate Silhouette on their 50 year anniversary and look forward to accompany them the next coming years.”

Founders & Owners of Stokke & Austad

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