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Martine Prenen: Carpe Diem!

Martine Prenen has been a successful model and TV host for years.  After working a decade in the world of glamour and glitter, she studied to become a health coach.  When she found out her TV contract was finished, she decided to dedicate her life to being healthy in every possible way.  “Every downside has an upside.”  Her first book “Live, Love and Laugh” became a bestseller and approached life in a very positive and light way.  In this lifestyle guide, she talks about food, education, relaxation and health.  Laughing and loving are the main things for a positive and healthy life.

“My message to the world: we are not alone, we are many.  Enjoy life with great taste and respect for those amongst you.  My advice… carpe diem!”

Martine: “When you decide to remove all superfluous things form your life, you certainly realize how light life can be.  You simply do not need all that stuff.  You just need simple things to feel good.  A healthy salad, your garden on a summer evening and people you love on your side.”

“Let’s look at the world with a curious glance without being hold back by boundaries.”

Martine has her own column in het monthly “Goed Gevoel”, she hosts workshops and advises companies on how to improve the health and luck of their employees.  She has a family and enjoys her horses and dogs.  Martine is currently working on her second book.

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