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Dr Stefanie and Prof. Dr Wolfgang Schuster

He was Lord Mayor of Stuttgart for sixteen years, but now his work as the Managing Director of the Institute for Sustainable Urban Development and a Political Consultant, takes him all over the world. She was working as a medical practitioner until fairly recently, and as the President of the Olgäle Foundation, has been campaigning for the Olgahospital children’s hospital for seventeen years.

We met Dr Stefanie (61) and Prof. Dr Wolfgang (64) Schuster in the new Olgahospital, ready for the photo shoot. The new children’s hospital is something that is dear to both their hearts. Die Olgäle Foundation took over the interior design of the new building, in order to create a child-friendly atmosphere. This includes such elements as a huge ark of hope for playing, a library for the children and an inner courtyard with a butterfly mobile. Prof. Dr Schuster paved the way for the new building and brought his plan to fruition.

During the photo shoot, the couple also revealed why Silhouette glasses have been the only ones for them for years. “We both think it’s important to wear lightweight spectacles that do not leave pressure marks on your nose”, stresses Dr Stefanie Schuster. “I have been the focus of public interest for many years,” adds her husband, “so the glasses simply had to measure up.”



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