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  • Mariella Ahrens wears SPX Signia (4377) in black.
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Actress Mariella Ahrens

Mariella Ahrens is probably one of Germany’s best known actresses. Daughter of a German IT specialist and Bulgarian optician, she was born in Leningrad and moved to Berlin, in East Germany, with her parents at the age of three. The 45-year-old actress began her career in central Berlin’s Kleines Theater, as well as in television films.

Ahrens is probably best-known for her role in the Rosamunde Pilcher films, the SOKO Leipzig police series and the ZDF production, Die Wüstenrose (The Desert Rose). Her latest film project, Ein Fall von Liebe (A Case of Love), began on 23rd October 2014. The two-time mother plays the leading female role as the impulsive journalist, Sarah Pohl. She stars alongside the German actor, Francis Fulton Smith, who plays the lawyer, Florian Faber.

Alongside her acting talent, Mariella never ceases to show the world that she wears her heart on her sleeve. In 2005, she founded the Lebensherbst association for the elderly, of which she has been the committed patron ever since. She is dedicated to helping lonely and poor elderly people by fund-raising and organising events such as over-70s parties.

“Many old people no longer have their partner and no family who looks after them either. Single or widowed people can meet other singles at the party, and possibly fall in love again. Of course, it’s also great if just friendships develop, too. That would be wonderful. My dream is to organise a whole series of over-70s parties”, explains the actress. Mariella Ahrens is also committed to helping the younger generation, which is how we first got to meet her at the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI. Like us, she has been a long-standing supporter of the children’s charity project.

Mariella Ahrens has recently needed a pair of glasses for driving. The actress has opted for the SPX Signia (4377) in black (6061). “I am delighted that my first pair of glasses is a Silhouette. They are wonderfully light, very comfortable and look amazing. That’s important for me!”, she stresses. On a sunny day, she likes to wear the Adventurer Aviator (8667). Mariella has been the Face of Litestyle since October 2014.

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