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  • Thomas Feichtner wears Titan Minimal Art
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Thomas Feichtner

Design is his calling. Thomas Feichtner is a well-established Austrian product designer. He works for traditional enterprises like J&L Lobmeyr, Neue Wiener Werkstätten (New Vienna Studios), Jarosinski & Vaugoin, Ton, Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur and Carl Mertens. His credits include independent projects in collaboration with Vitra, Thonet and FSB. The work of Thomas Feichtner between industry and manufacturing and between serial production and singular product, earned many awards and found a place in various design collections. In 2011, Thomas Feichtner received the Austrian National Prize for Design. He lives and works in Vienna.

Fascinating Minimalism
Thomas Feichtner describes his design ideas for Silhouette eyeglasses like this: “I wanted to part with the classic design principles for rimless eyeglasses. My design intention was to apply the forms and sizes of substantial, fully rimmed glasses to rimless eyeglasses. This was for example the reason for moving the nose-bridge and temples to various degrees above or below the axis. My Titan Minimal Art model brings the design elements of fully rimmed eyeglasses to rimless eyeglasses.”

What connects Thomas Feichtner and the Silhouette brand? This is Thomas Feichtner’s credo: “I think it is the strong drive to create something new. Then there is the issue of lightness. Good design has a light quality, spirit, joy and maybe even humor. Contrived or uptight designs simple do not work for people. In this sense, lightness and light-heartedness are important prerequisites for creative living.”

Thomas Feichtner wears the rimless eyeglass model ‘Titan Minimal Art’. Since January 2015, Thomas Feichtner is one of the Faces of Silhouette.

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