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The Chef of Lightness

“Being a chef is like being an artist or a writer: You can succeed only if you feel it in your heart.”

According to Bruno Barbieri, one of the most appreciated Italian chefs as reported by the Michelin Guide, cooking is an art, and chefs are born, not made.

Barbieri is a successful manager and chef of many restaurants, cookbooks’ writer, as well as reviewer and young talents’ trainer. The Italian chef is always looking for innovation. He loves telling how his international experiences let him reassess the value of lightness, for his lifestyle as well as for his cuisine.

Among the foreign Countries where he lived, South America will always have a special place in his heart: “South American lifestyle is so lively and essential that you can revalue and relish simplicity and genuineness.”

The Taste of Lightness

“In my cuisine, lightness means telling who you are through what you are cooking. A dish should be able to tell something about you, and to leave a mark in your soul.” That’s the vision of lightness in Barbieri’s culinary art, and he adds “Pasta is the lightness icon in the Italian kitchen. You can cook pasta however you like, it will always fit perfectly with the rest. It’s more or less the same thing with the eyewear: glasses can have different shapes, thousands of colors, but first of all they have to be suitable for the person who wears them. In the end, we are all different from one another.”

When it came to choose his Silhouettes’, Barbieri designed a custom-made pair of glasses that reflected his own style and let his emotions out. “Lots of people hide themselves behind their eyewear, when they are one of the most fascinating accessories, because they can tell more about yourself. My glasses shows my feelings and passions, and why not, my mood swings, too.”

Minimalism and essential are the key values in Barbieri’s kitchen to express the taste of lightness. It’s the way he rules his own world with autenticity. “The glasses I wear, for instance, are not the icon of a brand,” Barbieri says, “they can talk about all the passionate people who designed and worked on them together, to make every single person that wears a pair of Silhouettes’ unique.”

Bruno Barbieri is wearing the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon 7581 / 6057 1945 – shape 7662 in size 49 – and he is a Face of Lite Style since March 2013

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