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Björn Verlinden (35) is a young Belgian fashion designer.  He grew up in one of the most important fashion capitals in Europe: Antwerp. As a young boy he collected fashion magazines and made sketchbooks of all kinds of inspiring fashion subjects instead of playing with cars. Every Sunday, one of his fixed appointments was his favorite TV program: Style with Elsa Klensh on CNN.

So it was obvious he chose to go to fashion school. After his graduation, he designed several capsule collection for hair cosmetic shows with great success. Some years later, in 2010, he launched his own collection of leather accessories, available in many Belgian lifestyle and interior boutiques.

In 2013 Björn decided to support Europe handcrafters starting a production of handmade accessories.  The most important goal for me as a designer, is to help consumers to realize again how important our locals are.  Every piece is handmade  in a small workspace near Antwerp, Amsterdam, Italy, Spain or Portugal.  The chance to travel around Europe working with these creative people is a gift in life. Björn is a valuable asset to our Faces of Silhouette community: he shares the same values of sustainability as Silhouette eyewear.

Björn is a Face of Silhouette since February 2014.


Photography by Frederik Beyens

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