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Bergdorf Goodman: FelderFelderxSilhouette

Annette and Daniela Felder, the glamorous German twins behind the Felder Felder label, worn by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow to Rihanna, are taking the fashion world by storm and are now collaborating with Silhouette on timeless, sophisticated creations, available first and exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman until April 2015.

Felder Felder’s signature pieces are timeless and this has translated through to their unique lens creations for Silhouette, guaranteed to cause a sensation. “The designs are inspired by visual artist Gerhard Richter and his unique use of colour,” says Daniela Felder, who went for colours that up to now have been unusual for eye-wear. The result is refreshing and compliments the palette from the new collection.

“The clarity and minimalism of the design of this rimless eyewear open up undreamed of possibilities for individualizing and shading,” say the designer twins, delighted by the fact that this is their first eyewear collection to hit the catwalk.

Felder Felder is the first design collaboration with Silhouette, an exciting start of a collection of concept eyewear. Disover the Special Editiona AT silhouette.com.

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