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Let us introduce: Alexandra Polzin

Alexandra Polzin (aged 39) is a famous German television presenter, who has worked for well-known channels such as NBC, RTL and Premiere. Born in Berlin, she likes to pass her talents on to others: Besides frequently coaching on presenting, Alexandra also occupies a teaching position in media communication at a renowned German college. If she is not flitting from one event to the next, or giving a seminar, she is producing TV films or corporate videos together with her husband and Eurosport presenter, Gerhard Leinauer. She primarily gravitates between Berlin and Munich with her production company.

When it comes to glasses, Alexandra has 100% trust in Silhouette: “I have been wearing Silhouettes for many years; one of my favourite styles is the Titan Minimal Art. I was thrilled when the Silhouette team asked me if I wanted to be the Face of Silhouette, and knew instantly that I wanted to do it!”

Alexandra has selected the SPX Signia (4377) in red, and on sunny days, she wears the Felder Felder for Silhouette.

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