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Timeless Beauty

‘The secret to keep a balanced connection with your work is not to loose touch with real life.’ Benedetta Barzini is a renowned style icon and a timeless beauty. Despite her fame she never acted like a diva. Even though many people treat her like a star, Benedetta claims she’s an anti-diva. She’s been one of the most appreciated and demanded models of her time and now she teaches in several Italian and European Art Academies. She also writes about fashion and is considered one of the most distinguished person in the field.

In the Name of Authenticity
For Benedetta Barzini: ‘Fashion is a trick rehearsed to last one moment and then goes, to let new trends in, and increases consumption.’ And she adds: ‘Marketing doesn’t give you style. Let’s make an example with glasses: it is a very intimate and personal accessory because it tells something about you and your personal story. You get very attached to such an object. But also here, fashion can affect it so that what matters is the shape and the brand on the sidepiece, and from that depends how much you think you count.’

Choosing her pair of Silhouette’s, Benedetta wanted a model that didn’t alter the perception of herself. The glasses shouldn’t dry your look, nor make you a stereotype or mask what you are. Otherwise it turns into an enemy. It has to be essential. I love to think of a pair of glasses as of a conspiratorial, in the sense that if you don’t know where it is you feel lost. It’s the element that lets you bring to focus your existence.’

Talking about the Faces of Silhouette project Benedetta says ‘The keyword is authenticity. Each of us is one in a million and irreplaceable. And the best thing you can give to other people is yourself. It seems to me such a smart project in a world built upon appearance.’

Benedetta Barzini is wearing the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon in colour 6054, shape 7580 and as reading glass model Zenlight 7642 / 6070 1945. She is a Face of Silhouette since March 2013.

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