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Idea of Oneness: Francesco Ballestrazzi

What is essential is visible to the eye, this is something that Silhouette well knows as since 1964 Silhouette revolutionized the world of eyewear eliminating all what is not necessary to prove the Leonardo Da Vinci’s motto “what is essential is perfect”.

The continuous research of new solutions are the basis to reach the perfection in aesthetic and design, and the last result is the Titan ONE Signature Collection, the eyewear made in one piece.

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2015 in Milan Silhouette asked three Italian outstanding designers, who inspired from the theme “I’M THE ONE” have created three different accessories reinterpreting the idea of oneness.

Headdress by Francesco Ballestrazzi
The first designer is Francesco Ballestrazzi. He was born in Capri 1982 and he studied in Milan in Accademia di belle arti di Brera and is a designer of hats. Francesco has created for Silhouette a special headdress realized with one piece. A unique piece whose inspiration comes from a water splash. Francesco wanted to recreate the dynamism, the purity and the casuality of a water splash, which is never the same and for this reason it’s unique. The hat created for Silhouette is a one-off piece also for the technique used to be realized that cannot be reproduced in the same way two times.

Whatch the behind the scenes video of the hat creation here!

Stay tuned for Stefania Lucchetta’s one-off piece design!

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