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  • Meeting Point No 1 in the heart of Milan
  • The Drops series by Arik Levy for Verreum is based on the almost forgotten technique of silvered glass.
  • French fashion house Louis Vuitton invited nine outstanding designers to create a series of „Objets Nomades“ and to exhibit them in beautiful Palazzo Bocconi.
  • Tom Dixon launched his collection at The Cinema, a unique entertainment show in an abandoned theatre
  • Approximately 70 Austrian companies & designers proofed to be pioneers on design in beautiful La Pelota, staged & curated by Vasku&Klug
  • Pioneering eyewear design: Silhouette
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The Silhouette Tour Through Milan Design Week

Experiencing Milan during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Milan Design Week does mainly mean to be surrounded by millions of impressions, ideas and inspirations (and people of course). Although you are permanently moving around and looking everywhere one does always have the feeling to have missed something important.

No way to put together a best of list as it is impossible to experience and see everything. You can only do your very personal selection of what you have seen and enjoy the inspiring environment – including the famous Bar Basso, where you can meet all the famous designers whose exhibits you have admired during the day and at night.

The ‚Duomo‘ remains the most important meeting point. From there you can head to the design district Brera or visit the showrooms at Via Durrini – or you can decide to take the Metro and go to the fair or to discover all the other hotspots like Wallpaper’s exhibition „Handmade“ or the „Houses of Wonder“ in the beautiful Botanic Garden of Brera.

One thing is sure: Milan Design Week is too short to see everything that is presented!

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