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The Real Tina Ruland

The actress Tina Ruland made her breakthrough in German cinemas in 1991 – at the tender age of 25. Acting alongside Til Schweiger, she played the hairdresser Uschi in Manta Manta, and won the hearts of more than 12 million filmgoers in the first year. No-one has ever forgotten this moment of fame, even though she has starred in a variety of other roles since then, such as in the German TV series ‘Nicht von schlechten Eltern’, ‘Ein Fall für zwei’, ‘Tatort”, “Unser Charly’, ‘Großstadtrevier’ and the film ‘Jahrestage’ – to name but a few. In 1994, Tina Ruland’s success won her a Bambi award. Born in Cologne, Tina is now happily living in Berlin with her husband and two sons. She is currently working on a new series for ARD.

Tina Ruland needs glasses primarily for reading: ‘I very often read before I go to sleep. From now on, I’ll be wearing my new extra-light Silhouettes‘ explains the actress as she tries on her new glasses. Tina Ruland has chosen the Titan Minimal Art

– a must-have accessory in a pale gold tone (6073). ‘I don’t like my prescription glasses to dominate my face. I prefer them to blend in and allow my eyes to gleam. When I wear the Silhouette rimless glasses, I can still see the real me – not someone who’s hiding behind a pair of glasses. On the other hand, I don’t mind sunglasses making a little more of a statement.‘ Her favourite pair for sunny days is the Felder Felder for Silhouette in black. Tina Ruland has been the Face of Silhouette since December 2014.

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