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The Idea of Oneness: Benedetta Bruzziches

Benedetta Bruzziches, age 29, was born in Caprarola. After getting her degree at IED of Rome, she created her own bag design company together with her brother. One year ago, the siblings expanded their business activities by integrating a lab dedicated to the creation of prototypes. Most of their products are handmade; so naturally, Benedetta calls the team members ‘artigianauti’. This word means craftmen + dream voyagers. For Silhouette she created a special bag called Magic Mirror. ‘When are you ready challenge yourself? When looking into a mirror you wonder about improvement and think about beauty values.’ This is the meaning behind her mirror bag. In the mirror, we come face to face with our uniquenes, and we are in tune with ourselves.

Italian designers Stefania Lucchetta and Francesco Ballestrazzi also re-interpreted the idea of oneness. They were inspired by the theme ‘I’M THE ONE’. Learn more about the interpretation of oneness.

(Photo: modelovers)

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