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More Than Just Fashion

I am a fifties style woman coming from outer space. Two ages crashed in one person.

Rossana Passalacqua has a very strong personality; she is a fashion editor who has been able to introduce some little revolutions in the fashion system since her early career. She supports the ideas that it is very important to avoid fashion stereotypes and bring to light innovation and your own talent. ‘I think that we all should stop having the same goal. The world of fashion is very fascinating, it allows you to travel a lot and meet so many people that contaminate yourself and your life with all their different cultures. But you need to learn how to control the fashion system to avoid making it an all-absorbing passion in your life. This is the only way to enjoy the beauty of fashion without losing yourself and your identity.

Choosing her pair of Silhouette’s, Rossana Passalacqua requested a very particular form for the lens, which look like the cat eyeglasses of the fifties trends. Despite this reference to the fifties style, the Italian fashion editor thinks that her Silhouettes have a timeless style. ‘These glasses have their own identity, they don’t belong to any ages or fashion trends. I’ve chosen this silhouette for the lens because I think it suits my look well. They express exactly who I am, my personal style,’ and they highlight the eyes of a woman that never lies on who she really is, because she knows that ‘the mask you try to wear on your face falls off sooner or later.’

Talking about the Faces of Silhouette project, Rossana claims: ‘When I became ambassador, it was such a new experience to me. I didn’t know that it was possible to design custom-made glasses that mirror your personality and don’t refer to a specific trend or season, but are simply the ‘season of my being’. This means innovation to me.’

Rossana Passalacqua is wearing the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon 7581 colour 6062 with a special lens shape designed especially from her in cooperation with the design team of Silhouette International – and she is a Face of Silhouette since September 2013.

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