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The Lightness and the Design

Italian jewellery designer Stefania Lucchetta started her first experiments with the resin, then she has carried on her research on different materials in order to obtain more robust forms for her jewel creations, and she used technology to lighten them more and more. With some difficulties she started creating new jewels in titanium;

It is the material that gives her great satisfaction. ‘It is a particular material, with such a strong character. You have to love to work with it. The first rings I made were perfect in color, so light but strong, essential and non-allergenic.

For the same reason, Stefania Luchetta has been conquered by the Silhouette Titan One model, a single strand of titanium that perfectly adapts itself to people’s face. ‘I have immediately realized how difficult it has been to bring the titanium’s performance to such high levels to create the unique piece of the glasses, because I knew the material very well. That eyewear totally changes the prospect of any other glasses, thanks to its reversed frame. Despite that, it adapts itself to my face without adding any weight, as it happens with my jewelry: Fluidity and naturalness of the lines come from a hard material that is very much resistant.

The Idea of Oneness

In her latest creation, the ring ‘Vacuum’, Stefania Lucchetta interprets the theme of the uniqueness for the project ‘I am the One’ by Silhouette. ‘First I’ve thought of the individualism of the most contemporary cultures, where the man is the centre, but it is also alone in front of the big questions of life. We are a myriad of individuals, each one is unique and unrepeatable, and each one has its own life that in my ring looks like an orbit that turns around the unknown, always in a unique way. Life is the same for everyone, but each person performs their journey differently. That makes us unique.

The Vision of Litestyle

The Italian designer uses the same concept to describe her vision of lite style: ‘Authenticity is the conquest of the essence of lightness. You have to accept your uniqueness, and therefore your originality. This requires a strong sense of responsibility and the courage to live without pretending to be who you are not.’

Stefania Lucchetta wears Silhouette model Titan ONE 4439 color 6052 with grey gradient lenses + silvershadow coating, alternating it with Titan Minimal Art – The Icon 7581 color 6062 (lens shape 4472 52). Stefania is Face of Silhouette since April 2015.

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