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The Italian Job

Benedetta Bruzziches is a young Italian designer. After a few very important experience during the study and while traveling – especially India, where her creativity moves from dresses to accessories – Benedetta Bruzziches returns to her small native town in central Italy, Caprarola, and she founds with her brother the design bags company with her own name. ‘At one point, I realized that to make my mission come true, to tell stories through my bags, I had to do everything on my own.’

The Craftsmen of dreams

‘A bag is not just an item, but first it is of all a suggestion, a mood, the interpretation of an emotion.’ According to Benedetta each bag is a unique creation that comes from a story that can be told only thanks to the great care and ability of the expert hands of the Italian artisans, that the young designer calls ‘Artigianauti’, or the craftsmen of dreams.

Benedetta thinks that the bags are like ‘a talisman for women’. In Benedetta’s history case bags have always been a way to tell the experiences she has lived in a precise moment of her life. ‘I think any creative acts, as Marc Chagall used to say, starts mainly from the heart of the artist. This means that when my heart suffered, I had to tell that through my creations, even though it was a bad feeling. This is what happened, for example, with my collection Take care of yourself, born from the end of one of my love stories. People I met, especially the craftsmen I encountered during my journeys usually draw my inspiration. Everything of their incredible world is revealed when I cross the door of their laboratory: their stories, their life style. Every day I work hard to keep my project alive to be able to design and release my collections without following any seasonal or market changes, but focusing on creating timeless objects. Just like the eyewear I have chosen for me: Unique pieces, almost an handmade item who let the person who wears them to express oneself, rather than the brand that has created them or a passing trend.’
Benedetta Bruzziches was one of the designers of the project ‘I am the one’ by Silhouette. She creates a bag, Magic Mirror, to express her own vision of the oneness theme. She claims that it is always important to get back into the game and look into our heart like we use to do when we look at us in the mirror. We need to read in our reflection the signs of our bad choices and think about the value of beauty. ‘I believe that our experiences and the choices we made with passion make us more aware. Feeling beautiful means feeling unique. It’s just a matter of choice. This awareness made my mirror Magic Mirror born: It is like a manifesto of the singularity of each woman; it is an item in which every woman can see reflected her own oneness.”

Benedetta Bruzziches wears Titan ONE 4481 color 6051 – and she is a Face of Lite Style since April 2015.

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