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Wow-Factor: Hairstyle to Match Glasses

The glasses fit but the hairstyle does not? No reason to tear your hair out! We have two great hairstyles for you, guaranteed to wow any (sun)glass wearer!

Shiny-sleek look
Smooth and gleaming – sleek chic is back, offering the perfect style model for the trend of the season: the Normcore look! Stylish restraint stands for self-confidence and success, with the matching strands of hair drawn smooth to present your personal merits (plus glasses) to best advantage.

How it’s done:

  1. Apply heat protector to the hair and brush well for optimum distribution.
  2. Form a centre part and work the hair strand by strand with a straightening iron.
  3. Then apply some gloss spray to the hairstyle and you are finished

Cool beach waves

Sunglasses perched on your noes with soft beach waves on your head! No other combination feels more than summer!

How it’s done:

  1. Work some salt spray into towel-dried hair and blow dry.
  2. Then carefully comb the hair and wrap it strand by strand around the curling iron.
  3. To loosen the curls up a bit, briefly blow with a hair drier set to cold.
  4. Apply a bit more salt spray to the lengths, working it in with your hands.
  5. Apply a light oil to the hairstyle for a finish and you are done!

Worth trying out!

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